5 Ways To Get More Kills In Modern Warfare 2

Posted on December 29, 2009


With all of the people that play Modern Warfare 2, it can become very competitive at times. Which makes it necessary to have every advantage you can muster. So here is a list of techniques I use to make sure I am always in top ranks of players, whether it’s free for all or even ground war. These techniques are useful in all the modes that I have played.

  1. Quick aiming down the sight is king– This seems like a no-brainer. The first person to aim is usually the first to kill. However, a lot of players have the problem of going for hip fire rather than the sight. The sight is the best way to get a kill 90% of the time. It doesn’t matter how many bullets you fire, it only matters how many hit your target. Also remember, one shot to the head is better than 5 in the arm. Go for precision.
  2. Assault Rifles are usually best– The only time that this isn’t true is in game modes where there is a lot of running involved or in close quarters. Assault Rifles have high damage, good rate of fire, and are pretty accurate. I have been able to out snipe many snipers with an M-16. While all guns classes are good if used properly, the assault rifle class is the best all around class.
  3. Slight of hand is a powerful perk– While others choose to opt for the Bling perk, such as I used to, I have recently realized how many times I have died while trying to reload. About half of my deaths are due to running out of ammo and having to reload. Switching to this perk alone raised my Kill/Death ratio by about 0.2 since I switched. I owe this perk to putting my ratio over 1.0 and it is still rising.
  4. AC130 is the dominant kill streak– This is without a doubt my favorite killstreak. Every time I get one of these I will finish the game with around 35-50 kills.  Plus it is one of the best ways to get the 25-killstreak for the Nuke.
  5. Use Cover– A lot of people tend to play this game like they play Halo. Which is fine when time is of the essence, however you could really benefit by using more cover and surprising people. Modern Warfare 2 is like a game that is half Halo and half Gears of War. You need to have both quick reflexes and patience, rushing in isn’t always the best tactic.  For example, if your playing team deathmatch, what’s the point of getting 20 kills if you 22 deaths? That means you gave up two more points to the other team than you actually got which makes you look like a noob. You always want to have more kills than you have deaths.

Those are just a few of the tactics I use and think about when I’m playing online. What works for me may not work for you, but if you want to try a few things to raise your Kill/Death ratio, there is no harm in trying these out.

What techniques work for you?

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