Avatar In 3D Is Actually Really Good

Posted on December 29, 2009


After all the hype that was surrounding this movie with the constant advertising and talk of how its the most expensive movie ever made, I had to go see it. James Cameron has good track record of making movies so I decided to go out and take a chance on it. One thing you must know, is this movie was made to be seen in 3D. Seeing it it 2D would not give it justice. First I have to go into the whole look and feel of the movie, since people have told me that the commercials make the animation look too cartoony to work with live action. So how does Avatar stack up to these assumptions?

While I did agree with these people at one time, seeing the movie for myself changed my perspective. There are going to be times in this movie when the blue dudes, or the Na’vi, look a little too cartoony. However the smooth and fluid animation soon takes this thought out of your head. I can guarantee that you have never seen motion capture animation like this. The way this CG guys move is perfect, their mannerisms and small details are what make this animation work so well.  Seeing this movie in 3D was epic to say the least. This movie will be the gold standard of how 3D movies should be made. The thing about these 3D movies is that they seem like a really stupid idea, until you see a movie like Avatar that uses it to the best of its ability. Its hard to explain, but seeing it this way changes how you view the movie. Adding a sense of realism that can’t be emulated on a 2D screen. So when movies like this come out, I will be first in line with my dorky glasses on.

While it isn’t perfect, it is definitely a step in the right direction. With 90 percent of this movie being computer animated, you wont really notice that it is animated. The setting of the movie is a breath taking jungle called Pandora with colorful trees, odd looking creatures, and the obvious blue people. The jungle scenes are so perfectly made for 3D. The depth and texture of the forest is emulated very well through the technology. The craziest thing was seeing all of these holographic displays come out at you and how detailed they look The polish in this movie is unmatched in any other movie like it, if there is even any movie you could classify as even close to it. With all the insane visuals, I only wish that I saw this in an IMAX theater.

This movie has the ability to stand the test of time, just like Jurassic Park. I wasn’t sure how Jurassic Park would stack up special effects wise after all the new technology that has come out in recent years. However, after watching it in HD the other day, I cant believe how well that movie was made. The dinosaurs look just as real as if the movie was made today. I was looking through the movie the entire time looking for flaws and still found the special effects in that movie that’s over a decade to be better than some of the movies that come out today. Only time will tell if the same holds true for this one.

The plot on the other hand is a mixture of the movie Fern Gully and Dances with Wolves. The story is basically that humans have come to this planet in search of profit. The whole expedition is funded by a corporation who wants to mine some valuable mineral out of the planet, however the natives wont allow them to do it. They call themselves the Na’vi and they are a people that is in tune with nature and don’t want the humans to destroy their home. the rest, you can piece together if you’ve seen the two movies that I mentioned earlier. Most of the movie is pretty predictable, yet I still was in awe of it. I couldn’t help but get wrapped up in the story and watching it unfold. The movie has its corny moments, yet as a whole the movie is more than worth the price of the ticket.

The one thing about 3D movies is how fatigued your eyes feel after watching one, and with this movie clocking in at almost 2 and 1/2 hours, your eyes will be worn out. Also, a word of caution, those with contacts may want to just see the 2D version. A friend of mine said his eyes began to hurt about 2 hours into the movie. However, if you can take it, the 3D is definitely worth it.

With all the hype suronding this movie, its easy to see why some people could be turned away. Fearing that the movie isn’t going to deliver on what the previews show. However, the previews don’t do this movie justice. The breathtaking visuals, notable story, and 3D innovations make this a must see. Trust me, you wont regret it.

As for me, I am planning on seeing it again with friends that haven’t seen it. So I can get another chance to see all the visuals I might of missed the first time around.

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