Assassin’s Creed 2 Is Better Than The First

Posted on December 31, 2009


TwistedData Rating- 5/5

The past few days have been consumed by Assassin’s Creed 2 and with good reason. I am going to start off by saying that this sequel destroys the first one in terms of entertainment and scope. I never really finished the first Assassin’s Creed because of pure boredom and repetition.  This sequel however, fixes any and all gripes I had with the first one.

The first Assassin’s Creed was infamous for being the same game the entire way through. The developers obviously were listening because this game adds a lot more through variation and depth. In one interview with the team that I saw a couple of months ago, they had said that in the first Assassin’s Creed there were only like 3 mission types. The sequel has 17. So there is quite an improvement in that area.

Another way they diversify the game is by giving you your own stronghold that your family has used for generations. You can use the money you collect to upgrade shops and renovate your town, which give you both a stream of income and a discount at each of the shops. The value of your stronghold rises even more when you collect more and more items from your quests. You also must collect 6 seals, which will unlock a special item that you need to complete the end game. All of this together gives you quite a bit of stuff to do with your time.

The thing I have enjoyed with both games however, is their story.  The story line in this sequel is like something out of The Da Vinci Code set in renaissance Italy, except the actual Leonardo da Vinci is your friend throughout it. So if history and conspiracies peak your interest, I am sure that you will have no problem being completely engaged in the story line.

The combat in this game is done rather well. There are a couple of times the camera gave me some problems, but overall I think that it does a good job. If you played the first Assassin’s Creed, it’s basically the same combat. The things that they added were more cinematic kills, more weapons, and new skills. Otherwise the combat is controlled pretty much the same way. This isn’t a bad thing since the first game had a god combat system already.

The graphics are amazing on this game. The detail that you make out on an object even though you are far away is really life like. All actions animate well except for a few times I got stuck in inanimate objects. This however is a rare occurrence and not worth playing down how amazing the detail they put into this game and the animations.

Overall the past few days have been worth it. This is a fun game that is definitely worth playing all the way through. This is a definite improvement from the first game and is worth your time, I guarantee it.

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