MSNBC Doesn’t Know Video Games

Posted on January 4, 2010


MSNBC put up a top 5 list of video game publishers it thinks are the top 5 most dependable publishers. This was obviously not written by some who has played video games at all within the last year. here is what MSNBC put as their top 5.

5. Electronic Arts– Why is this even on here. EA had one of its worst years last year. The company suffered massive losses and its only notable games really were Dragon Age and The Sims 3. Spore might have sold well at first, but the game was a massive let down. Why is EA on this list? Well here was the reasoning:

As the most prolific and active publisher, Electronic Arts has a bumpy past. For a while there, the company seemed to release anything that came across its desk. But in the last couple of years, Electronic Arts has become not only one of the most frequent publishers, but one of the best. And that deserves recognition.

Sorry, but in my opinion, making a ton of games does not automatically make you a great publisher. Most of what EA puts out is crap with the exception of a few good titles.

4. Valve– This one I can live with. I have played every game valve has put out and loved playing each one of them. You would be hard pressed to find a person who has not played Counter Strike.

3. Rockstar Games– This would be more like a number 5 on the list. Yes, they have put out Grand Theft Auto series and Max Payne. Other than those though, their games are just middle of the road.

2. Sony Computer Entertainment– This I would rate a little lower as well. I would probably put Microsoft Game Studios before this just because in my book, the Xbox exclusive titles are far superior to the Playstation exclusives. With the exception of God of War, so please Sony, cave in and just release that game on the Xbox. It would save all of us a lot of grief.

1. Nintendo– In terms of longevity and innovation, I can definitely agree with rating Nintendo at the top. Who would thought a game such as Pikmin could be as fun as it was. Only Nintendo can pull of putting you in command of flower people and making it fun. Do I even need to remind people how much fun Super Mario 64 was? I think not. Nintendo, you will always and forever be in our hearts.

Here is how I personally would rank the top publishers:

5. Nintendo
4. Valve
3. Ubisoft- With all the amazing Tom Clancy games, plus the recent releases such as Assassins Creed 2, most of what Ubisoft puts out is worth playing.
2. Microsft Game Studios- Gears of War, Age of Empires, Black and White, Fable, Crackdown, and Halo. Sony Computer Entertainment doesn’t even come close to beating that line up.
1. Activision-Blizzard- Now some will say I only Put this up here because of Modern Warfare 2. This can’t be further from the truth. The only reason I put it up here is because of Blizzard. Blizzard is the one publisher that has yet to release a game that isn’t perfect. Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo are some of the biggest and most loved series in video games. Plus with all the new games they are working on, how can you not put them in 1st?

So MSNBC, please don’t ever try to rate video games or their publisher ever again. You obviously are horrible at it.

After reading what are some of my favorite publishers, what are yours? Do you agree with my take on MSNBC’s top 5?

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