LA Noire: My Favorite Game So Far This Year

Posted on July 12, 2011


Cole Phelps

Every now and then there comes a game that is unprecedented in the realm of video games. Although 2011 is only halfway over, there is one game that as of now stands out as the game of the year thus far. That game is L.A. Noire.

L.A. Noire is Rockstar Games’ latest release. The premise is that you are a cop in 1940’s Los Angeles. While most people will automatically think that this game is going be a cop version of Grand Theft Auto, you will all be wrong. Noire does have car chases and shootouts, but the real meat of the game is the investigation and interrogation of suspects to solve cases. While this may sound like more of a chore than an actual fun task to do, this assumption is wrong. The investigation and interrogation part of the game is unique and thought provoking. I can guarantee you will not be able to 100% on the later cases and you may even get a few zeroes; simply because the cases require a lot of deep thought and are not apparent at first glance.

One of the strongest parts of the game is the level of detail and polish that has been put into it. The 1940’s Los Angeles has been meticulously created to precise specifications. In the crime scenes, documents and IDs are created down to the fine print to look exactly how they did in this time. I have never before been as engaged in a games actually setting as Noire has managed too. The games also features of the era radio broadcasts which at times are just as fun to listen to as it was to play the game. I found myself pulling over a few times just to listen to what was on the radio.

While I cant help but want to praise this amazing game, there are a few issues that I have with it. One of the biggest being collision detection, which can be close to comical at times. For a game whose setting can pull as into it as Noire’s, these non-life like occurrences can suck me out just as quick. Another flaw is the way a failed mission transitions into a new one. If you really screw-up a mission, your police chief will berate you endlessly just to make sure you know how much of an idiot you are. Then, as if the chief is if the chief is suffering from severe memory loss, starts a mission praising you for your amazing accomplishment. These things tend to be more of an annoyance than game killing problems.

All in all, this is the game of 2011 you should be playing. While it is still early and there are other big titles like Gears of War 3 out later in the year, you can be sure L.A. Noire will be at least in the running for game of the year come Christmas.

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