Al Gore Talks iPhone Release

Posted on September 21, 2011


Al Gore

For those that don’t know, Al gore is on the board at Apple. I know we all thought he just runs around the world showing global warming powerpoints, but it appears he actually does other things. At a conference earlier today Gore was talking about a wide variety of topics apparently in which one attendant said this.

“He was talking quite passionately about global warming, Moore’s Law and its effect on computing,” said Toby Shapshak, an editor at Stuff Magazine who was at the conference, in an interview with “Specifically about transistors, when he said ‘Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month.’ Then he quickly added ‘That was a plug.’”

From what Gore said it sounds like there will in fact be multiple models of a new or refreshed iPhone launching next month. The other models will more than likely be cheaper versions of the iPhone 5. Like for instance may a iPhone 4S or something of that nature. Either way, early next month will be a very exciting time with the release of the new handsets plus iCloud and iOS 5. [Wired]

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