Facebook’s F8 Conference

Posted on September 22, 2011


Facebook F8 2011

Today Facebook unveiled the new features of the site that will be rolling out within the coming months. While some of the new features have already been rolled out this week, there are aspects of the site that haven’t yet come online. One of the biggest features soon to be released is called Timeline.

Timeline is basically just a compiled archive of your most important posts over the years. Such as a trip  you took a few years ago, or when you changed jobs. Its just a cleaner way to look at your older posts without having to spend an hour going through peoples wall, which if you were doing that there is a whole other set of issues there.

If you like to see the keynote for yourself you can see the full thing here. If anything you should at least watch the first 5 mins just to see Andy Samberg impersonating Mark Zuckerberg. [TechCrunch]

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