PC Gaming Market To Outgrow Console Market?

Posted on September 26, 2011


In an interesting turn of events, Nvidia is predicting that by the year 2015 the PC gaming sales will out pace that of its console counterparts. With everyone hailing the death of the PC for over a decade, its always funny to get a piece of information such as this that totally destroys that idea. While PC sales have slowed in the US, it is by no means a dead product. PC’s for gaming destroy consoles in terms of specs and in the case of first FPS, controls. I would much rather take a mouse and keyboard to headshot my rivals than an Xbox controller. Plus with the recent comments from Dice saying that Battlefield 3’s main focus is going to be the PC, it may be that the tide is once again shifting into PC’s favor.

The main thing to take away from this is that consoles, while popular, are limited in their uses. A PC can do everything that a console can and more. The selection of games on the PC are wide and diverse full of free to play games and MMO’s. While I will still have a console for those exclusive titles that I just have to play, the PC has been and will continue to be my main platform for gaming.

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