What Is Facebook Waiting For? iPad App Done, But Not Released.

Posted on September 26, 2011


Facebook for iPad

I’m gonna put this in the I don’t understand what the hell you’re doing category. Why after how long people have been waiting for a Facebook iPad app would you not release it when it’s finished?

You may remember back in the early summer when TechCrunch found the iPad app hidden in the iPhone Facebook’s app coding and posted an extensive review about it. The workaround was quickly blocked by Facebook and has mysteriously never shown up in the app store. So how long has it been finished? Well the app was finished well before that and still hasn’t seen the light of day due to what the former lead developer said was a disagreement between Apple and Facebook.

So what happened? TechCrunch writes that the app never saw release because of Apple and Facebook’s inability to reach an agreement about the social network’s integration into iOS 5. Facebook remains glaringly missing from core iOS functionality, and they believe it stems from terms that Apple didn’t like. Which sucks, because the platform is still there, begging to see the light of day.

When will the mythic app be released? Who knows, because even the lead developer who attested that the app was complete got tired of having the project releases pushed back and jumped ship to Google. So as the old adage goes “only time will tell.” [Gizmodo]

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