The Impact Of The New Kindle Fire

Posted on September 28, 2011


Amazon Kindle Fire

Today announced that they will be releasing a new tablet called the Kindle Fire. While this tablet was touted as a possible iPad killer, after the unveiling of what exactly the tablet looked like along with its specs, people are not so sure.

I personally don’t believe that Amazon is trying to directly challenge the iPad. What the Kindle Fire is trying to be is a media consumption device and that’s it. Its not trying to reinvent the medical field, create spreadsheets, or manage ones website on the go. It’s sole purpose is to be a device that connects you to your content in Amazons cloud. Whether its music, movies, or Amazon’s newly announced video streaming service.

We have all heard the term “The Cloud” being touted as the future of everything from newspapers to baby pictures, but this is first real product to show how much Amazon is really putting into it. All the content for the device is on the cloud. Thanks to the Silk web-browser, all the java and CSS processing of web-pages is done on the cloud instead of sucking speed and battery life from the tablet.

If anything, this tablet is merely an extension of Amazon’s cloud services and that is it. Its cheap at only $199, it’s useful for access to your content bought through Amazon, and it’s not competing for Apple’s scraps in the tablet market. The best piece of evidence that the Fire is trying to compete with the iPad is due to the lack of 3G connectivity. The iPad is basically an on the go computer that can do many things very well. The Fire is basically a personal movie theater, library, or music player for use around the house or other locations with Wi-Fi. If anything, the Kindle Fire is going to destroy The Nook from Barnes and Noble which will mean that Amazon has successfully killed off every major book retailing chain in the US.

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