The Positives And Negatives Of Computer Gaming

Posted on September 30, 2011


Computer gaming is making a comeback. With the Dice saying that Battlefield 3’s main system and with Nvidia excepting computer software sales to surpass console sales within the next 2-3 years, it’s safe to say that the PC isn’t dead. While in my mind this is a good thing, there are some aspects about it that is a little less convieneint. Here are the pros and cons of computer gaming.


1. Graphics- while most people are always ranting and raving when a new console comes out sporting better graphics, most don’t ever include PC’s in that analysis. PC’s in terms of hardware are miles ahead of any present or soon to be released console. The graphics cards, CPU’s, and amount of RAM you can shove into a computer tower just can’t be matched in the small size that consoles tend to be. Take Battlefield 3 for example. Graphics wise on Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 looks almost identical to Modern Warfare 2. No big changes or advancements. However, all the realistic screenshots that you more than likely saw floating around the Internet were all taken on PC.

2. Controls- Another aspect is no matter how much you want to argue this point, the controls on PC are always better. If you want you can hook-up an Xbox controller to it, but a mouse and keyboard is much more accurate. The amount of customization you can do with PC controls just can’t be replicated on a console.

3. Titles- Although the consoles do have quite a few exclusive titles, the PC has many more when you factor in RTS’s and MMO’s. Another plus, is that most Xbox 360 exclusives eventually make their way to the PC so you don’t end of feeling left out.


1. Cost- Building, maintaining, and upgrading a computer is not cheap. A computer to run Battlefield 3 at max settings is going to end up being close to $2,000. Keeping up patches for Windows can be time consuming. You have to worry about viruses. Plus, PC’s tend to crash/freeze more than your typical Xbox.

2. Multiplayer- While multiplayer is all the same as Xbox Live(except free), more of your friends are likely to be on Xbox Live. So unless at sometime in the future Microsoft decides to merge the multiplayer for Xbox and Pc to same servers for certain games tomorrow, I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

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