Steve Jobs Has Passed Away

Posted on October 5, 2011


Apple has just released a statement that Steve Jobs has passed away. It is a sad day to say the least.

Steve Jobs was unquestionably the most influential business leader I have seen in my short 23 year life. However, those who have been around longer than I have will agree that Jobs is on the same list that thinkers like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. As I wrote, it should be noted that this is being written from my iPad, tweeted on my iPhone, and updated later on my iMac. Every part of my digital and personal life has changed by products that Jobs envisioned.

Steve Jobs inspires me to do more. To do what I want to do, not what other tell me to do. I can’t stress enough the amount of respect I have for this man who has reshaped the world from everything to movies, computers, music, and everything in between. Rest in peace Steve Jobs, you really did change the world just like you planned.

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