Thrice, You Will Be Missed…

Posted on June 25, 2012


Last week i was lucky enough to get tickets to see one of Thrice’s last performances before they break-up and go their separate ways to spend time with their families. After 12 years of listening to them, it’ll be weird not being able to see them live or working on another album. While I’m sure eventually they may come back together for a reunion tour or something, nothing is for certain.

So to the members of Thrice I say this, I will miss you guys. I’ve seen you guys 6 times now, listened to every album you’ve put out and loved them all for different reasons. You guys did what few other bands could do successfully, evolve. No album really sounded the same, each one was a departure from the last. Most importantly, each and every album was amazing in its own way. You guys always delivered and put on the most amazing live shows I’ve been to. No other band in my mind can compare. Thanks for everything. If you guys ever decide to do a reunion show, I’ll be there.

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